Wepage Site

Wepage Site

Anyone can easily edit with instant editing!

Change text

Click the text that you want to edit and then edit it just as you would in Word or Excel. Text can easily be embellished even without knowledge of HTML or CSS.

Change images

Click the image area you want to edit and the menu appears. Select "Change Image" and you can then easily replace the image with the one you want.

Content Type

You can make a site using 12 different types of rich content such as text, illustrations, graphs, video, MAP, and SNS. And if you know HTML you can also directly enter it.

Changing Site Design

There are unlimited design possibilities because you can freely set layouts and menus designs, background designs and everything else.

Duplicating, deleting, moving content

You can move content from one area to another by selecting "Move" in the menu. The content will fit perfectly in its new location without worry about it disrupting the layout.

In the same way content can also be "duplicated" or "deleted" by selecting those options in the menu.

Adding pages, rearranging page order

Pages can easily be added. Newly added pages can be places anywhere by dragging and dropping them making rearrangement of pages order easy.

Everyone can edit at the same time

Real time simultaneous editing is possible

It is possible for everyone to edit and operate a single site with Wepage Site. Because changes to content are shown in real time in the editing screen, unlike ordinary web site creation tools, Wepage Site makes it easy for everyone to work together in managing the site.

Invite members to participate in editing

You can easily send an invitation to members to participate in editing by simply entering and sending the email address. It is possible to invite up to 10 members and the members management page makes it possible to see them at any time.

Want to create a site only for friends, family or private group?

  • Make a family album only the family can see
  • Make a site announcing a wedding party for only those to be invited
  • Make a website with a members only page

It is possible to protect the whole site or certain pages with passwords. Only those having the password are able to view those sections, so it is ideal for sharing photos of children or content restricted to set member

A wealth of preset designs

There are preset designs arranged by category. After selectin one, you can easily edit the design in the editing screen.

Enables a site to be used by PC, tablet, or smartphone!

No need to make separate sites for each kind of device. The website is automatically optimized for best viewing whether by PC, tablet or smartphone, using only just one URL. Before openinng the website, you can see how it will look for each device in the preview screen.

Rich content allows for a dynamic site!


Up to 5 slides can be set. Each can be given a catch phrase and link.


There are 3 types of photo galleries. It is possible to add the date, title, comment, and link to each photo.


You can adjust the speed and automatic forwarding of the slider. Also possible to add links to each image.

And there are many other useful functions!

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